Through our partnership with Codex Digital Australia, we managed the development of AIMS, which provides memberships services to over 150 member brokers across Australia, transacting over $3.8 billion in GWP per year.


AIMS had the need for a mobile application for online courses, where you can enroll yourself through the platform. After the registration, the user is allowed to enroll any course of this platform, where you can learn through videos and you can answer the surveys. If you complete the surveys successfully, you will receive CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points. For this platform it was necessary that besides the courses you can have the information of the staff, company, etc. It allows the users to be notified when there are new events or courses where you can register.


In this case, our team developed the application with the designs provided by the client and our team give the functionality to this project, where users can sign up and participate in the online courses. For this project, we developed an easy to use application that streamlines the registration on available courses through the use of a calendar system. To achieve this, we use stack technologies.In this case, Hybrid mobile app built using the Ionic Framework 3, native integration with GPS location tracking and geofencing; push notifications; Restful API built based on PHP 7 technology following a BDD approach; we also use the GPS and the POS integrations through Doshii.


We use the Agile methodology and SCRUMâ„¢ methodology, breaking down your project into sections and then producing them in 1-2 weeks sprints. During each sprint, we will fully test each and every component of your app to make sure your app runs flawlessly and delivers the results your users expect it to see. We also use Jira software, which is a tracking product developed by Atlassian. It provides bug and issue tracking and project management functions. Jira is the most popular issue management tool and this will help us to deliver each sprint on time.


With this app you can keep track of the latest AIMS events, news and updates. You will also have access to the AIMS file library and contact with experienced team. It assist you with your day to day broking needs